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NO ESCAPE – Available now

Two girls think they have escaped a demonic force by hiding out in an old building. However, the real danger may be already inside them.

Featuring 3 full body throat lifts, walk to the wall throatlift and super throw this is a great film!

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The Woman in Grey – LINK NOW WORKING

Sorry, I had no idea the link wasn’t working. Now fixed!

A couple inadvertantly step into the domain of a powerful and dangerous woman. With no escape, she attacks the female and sees the fear in her eyes. The male tries to save his partner but is powerless to do so! Will they manage to escape?

Featuring a super long, full body throat lift (including POV), walk to the wall lift and super punch this is a film that packs a great deal in to it’s running time!

Available now for only $7 from http://store.payloadz.com/go?id=2596828

The Girl in the Room NOW AVAILABLE!

One woman’s recurring nightmare leads her to seek help from a therapist. But when she decides to view the dream through hypnosis, things take a turn for the worse!

Featuring 7 full body throat lifts, collar lift, walk to the wall lift, back of the neck lift, bar bend and a full body double throat lift this is a must have!!

Duration: 15 mins

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BROTHER! Now available for download!

A girl visits her brother in an asylum, hoping she can save him. Unfortunately for her, things do not go as planned.

Featuring an arm pit lift, bearhug, full body throatlift, walk to the wall throatlift and reaching this is a great purchase for only $11!

Download now from http://store.payloadz.com/go?id=2583790


SUBSTATE – Now available for download

A detective must travel into the mind of a serial kidnapper to try and find the answers she is looking for. However, she didn’t count on the amount of power the kidnapper has in her own mind.

Featuring multiple full body throatlifts, walk to the wall throatlift and iron bar bend.

Now available for only $14 from http://store.payloadz.com/go?id=2574228



A man, haunted by the death of his wife, visits a pyschologist that has a darker connection to her passing.

Featuring an extended full body throatlift and a walking throatlift.

Download for only $10 from http://store.payloadz.com/go?id=2567285


When an alien apocalypse wipes out most of the population, a group of survivors find sanctuary in an abandoned building. But one of them may not be all they seem.

Featuring 3 FULL BODY throatlifts, a full body back of the neck lift, 2 walking throatlifts, super throw and super punch.

Download now for only $13 from http://store.payloadz.com/go?id=2565022