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Two friends are cornered by a powerful, blood-thirsty Vampire queen and must fight their way out! Featuring two throatlifts (including a super extended, full-body throatlift with a walk to the wall), Drag across the floor, Fist caught in mid air, Wood snap over the knee, Bear Hug and a full-body armpit lift, BITTEN is a must for fans of the genre!

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PARASITE – Now available for download!

Now available to download! PARASITE!

A dangerous parasite has infected the public gifting the hosts with supreme abilities, but also a thirst for blood. Amy is chased into a dead end where she must confront one of the infected. Only the strongest will survive!

Featuring 4 full body, extended throat lifts, Super Punch across the room and catching a punch in mid air!

This is now available for just $9.99 from http://store.payloadz.com/go?id=2516323

New download THE GHOST INSIDE Now Available

Now available to download from Peril Film is THE GHOST INSIDE!

When a girl goes missing, her two friends go in search of her. But what they find may be more terrifying than what they had imagined!

Featuring 3 super long throat lifts, two walking throat lifts and full body levitation this is a fantastic video!

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Now available THE ICE QUEEN!

When the location of a key witness becomes compromised it is up to a small time police officer to protect the most important piece of evidence before the ICE QUEEN can strike. Is she strong enough to save her?

Featuring two full body throat lifts including a walking throat lift, hair lift, bar bend, bar lift and double throat lift this is a must have film for only $12!!!

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FEAR: REVISITED Now available for download!

A cop and a Medium must enter the mind of a murdered girl to find clues as to who killed her. After the last person to enter her mind disappeared they are wary of the same thing happening again but suddenly the thing they fear the most might actually be each other!

Featuring 3 full body throat lifts (including a floor to air lift) a full body walking throat lift, two telekinesis lifts and a bar bend this is a fantastic video for peril film fans!

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Rage 2: Back from the Dead now available for download!

Following on from events of the first movie, the survivor of the first encounter brings her victim back from the dead to find out what she did with the rest of the powerful super solution. But when things take a dangerous turn it’s up to her to save herself before it’s too late!

Featuring two extended full body throat lifts, collar lift and bar bend this is a must have for fans of my previous work including the previous film!

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CHOSEN – Now available for download

Now available for download is the vampire film CHOSEN!

When an ancient evil returns to terrorise the earth it is up to a “normal” girl with unbelievable powers to stop her and save the world.

Featuring two throat lifts (including a super extended lift), Walking throat lift, Collar Lift, Bar bend, A super backhand that sends our heroine across the room, Super Jump/landing and an arm toss this is a must for fans of previous work!

Download now for only $14.99 from http://store.payloadz.com/go?id=2481548